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Best Deodorant?

I can already imagine the ridicule that may get hurled my way for this, but what deoderant have people found the best luck with?

I’m a sweaty guy, just always seem to run hot, and while I don’t really get stinky sweat, it’s usually a lot and stains the armpits of shirts. I wouldn’t really care, but it just doesn’t look very appealing in public.

Any good options?

(My original title for the thread was too short, hence the addition at the end)

A 60 degree gym with the windows open :wink:
Sorry! Couldn’t resist
May want to switch to an antiperspirant if you don’t reek.


When I’m really going hard under the bar it doesn’t matter if i wear any or not . Because in the end the result is the same. Now for everyday wear i like axe antiperspirant.

Former shirt armpit stainer here. Try that yellow containered stick deodorant with cornstarch from Arm and Hammer.

apply some cert-n-dri before bed. it’s an OTC antiperspirant, it is not deoderant.

Its really helps to cut down on sweat.

I use Degree for Men, my old lifting buddy used the same stuff.

Thanks guys.

Not really wondering as far as the gym goes. I don’t care if I sweat during lifting, and I lift in my garage anyways, and it’s tough to sweat when it’s negative 20-50 all day, every day, haha.

I just meant in day-to-day life, I sweat from nothing. I don’t have an absurd amount of bodyfat, and I’m in decent shape (I don’t get out of breath from stuff), so I’m just a sweaty dude I guess.

I pretty much only use antiperspirants - usually get the same results as deodorant. Will look into the Arm & Hammer, and Cert-N-Dri though. Haven’t tried them before. Thanks!

You’re just super evolved to be good at cooling yourself off lol.


I have a similar problem. My Indian friend calls me “sweats at rest”. The old spice antipersperant/deodorant mix for $3.50/stick is pretty good. It’s so good normal soap won’t remove it when I shower. It takes lava soap or face wash to get the residue off.

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Old Spice classic. The best one I’ve tried, and I sweat like a disgusting pig for no reason.

Certain Dri is surely effective, but be warned - aluminum chloride works by plugging up your pores. It’s straightforward, but I don’t much like the idea of it.

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Right guard 96 hr keeps the moisture down as well as keeps the stink away. I work outside on heavy equipment in Arizona and it usually lasts me my 10 hr shift plus the gym afterwards

there you go, that sharp scent too!

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Old Spice classis has been my go to for the past year or so, and it’s pretty good, just wondering if there was anything better.

I’ll give some a shot and if no luck, stick with Old Spice. Thanks!

Second part to the question: does anyone have a cologne they like? I don’t often feel the need to wear any, and when I do, it’s also Old Spice classic (or original, whatever it’s called), but what else do people use? Not a huge fan of really strong, chemicaly/perfumey scents, just something subtle that smells, I don’t know, manly.

While the name would suggest a strong smell I find Spicebomb by Viktor & Rolf to be great for everyday use.


what did you find out?