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Best Delivery of Creatine?

Greetings. Have been reading many articles and threads on this site and others and am quite frankly very confused about the best delivery method for creatine.

Some say that an insulin spike is most beneficial, others say take with some sodium, and many articles I have read said it doesn’t really matter.

Any advice would be great. From what I have looked at the insulin spike method seems the best. If so what would be good, grapefruit juice?

Thanks :slight_smile:

5g micronized creatine with GRAPE juice or some warm water, before or after a workout.

There is optimal, but taking it first thing in the morning doesn’t mean it won’t work.

Simple as.

Firstly thanks a lot for the quick reply! :slight_smile: If this could be answered it would be great- how many ml of juice/warm water would be recommended with 5g of creatine? I ask just because the label on my creatine tub makes no mention of how much fluid to go with the serving.


Just use a full glass - and if you’re using grape juice use it around your workout because of it’s sugars.

Like I said, there is no need to make it complicated - it would work just fine with a glass of cold water - just not optimally.

On training days, I pop it in my Surge.

On non-training days, I just mix it in water (or the occasional green tea).

There’s really no need to stress about it. Just be consistent with your use.