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Best Deca, Sustanon and Winny Stack

Hello there,
I’m 37 years old I’ve been training for 1.5 years now - I’m 5’7", I weight 190lbs and I’m about 18% BF - I’ve done a couple of cycles of SD in the past and I’ve decided to do a course of steroids. I want to keep the course and PCT to a max of 9 weeks inclusive as I’m going on holidays at the start of November and I obviously can’t take any illegal items abroad with me…

I’m currently eating very clean, 6 meals a day 3 whole and 3 shakes, 240g of protien and approx 2700cals per day - I’m running a deficit to lose some more body fat - I want lean mass and I willing to sacrafice some size. I will be training 4 days per week and cardio 30min for 3 days a week on empty stomach first thing in the morning.

I’m wondering how best to stack deca, sustanon winstrol and ancilliary drugs considering I have the following available:

16x2ml vials of Deca @ 200mg per vial
8x1ml amps of Sustanon 250 @ 250mg per amp
60x10mg Winstrol tabs

3x1 amps Pregnyl 5000
3x1 amps Solvents pro Pregnyl

24x50mg Clomid
30x20mg Tamoxifen

I was hoping 6-8 weeks of deca and sus - I’d like to run Clomid and or Pregnyl throughout or mid cycle to avoid ‘deca dick’ - I also want to use the winny at the end of the cycle to set in the gains.

Please keep in mind that I’d like to start this cycle this week and I have until Nov 1st for my last injection - I’m going to Hedonism in the Caribbean which is a serious **** fest resort so loss of libido, no balls or deca dick are a definate NO WAY!!!

If the risks of sides are too high I could possibly wait until I come back and do a bulk cycle then and in the mean time do a cycle of H-Drol and Orastan-E ---- Its not quite the same but its an option.

Thanks guys

I don’t know where to even start on this one.

First off… you don’t have enough gear.

If you don’t want sides or deca dick then don’t use deca. Also it’s a bitch to recover from if you don’t know what you are doing. Ok… some people don’t find it a problem, but most do.

You will want to run the test for at least 250mg every third day. If you do decide to run the deca then go for 200mg every third day - but stopping it 3 weeks before the test.

The stan - you only have 60x10mg tabs - maybe you can use them as a kickstart at 30-50mg/day.