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Best Deca Injection Site?

I have a prescription for Deca that I get from Empower for a 10 week cycle through TRT doc (100 per week).

The prescription says to inject intramuscular, but doc says to inject in butt. I’ve been transferring 50 into an insulin needle and injecting twice a week into my shoulder because I’m not sure an ass injection is intramuscular.

Any advice as to the best injection site, is shoulder injection okay?

Any muscle is ok for intramuscular injection, some feel less pain and depends on your preference. Just make sure you use a long enough needle to reach the muscle.

I can definitely feel the needle touch the muscle in my shoulder, but if I push it further to where it actually enters the muscle it really hurts! Are you actually supposed to puncture and enter the muscle?


Your doctor is a complete jackass and Empower ought to be ashamed of themselves. The fact that nobody bothered to give you a decent primer on any of this is wildly irresponsible of them as a (albeit token) medical provider.

The speed of the injection can make a big difference in the pain. I’m rather odd in my technique as I tend to go super slow. Some prefer fast, but I think there is more pain that will result if the puncture is not good.

So what is the best location to get to the muscle? Seems like you have a lot further to go in the ass to get to the muscle than the shoulder.

I use a 1/2 inch needle in the delts and never had a problem. You’re fine.

I also prefer slow injections, seems a lot less painless in my opinion…

I prefer glutes to all other locations personally. I use a 23ga 1.5” needle. All the way in.

I like 25g 1.5" for glute injections. I’ve recently been pinning HCG in the delts with a 1/2" insulin needle. I’m considering switching to SubQ injections for both when I go down to a cruise dose.
Can’t say I was a fan of Deca when I tried it.

Would you think 1 inch too short? I recently tried it and my ass blew up to twice its size for about 3 days but with the same gear my delts are perfectly fine?

Thanks. I guess main concern is that my injections are not being absorbed, but I feel like they are.

Isn’t empower simply filling a prescription?

Who wrote the prescription?

I’ve got $5 on Defy

No, although I’m thinking of switching to them because I heard they are writing scripts for Var. Just a local TRT doc.

Yes a little too short IMO but I wouldn’t suspect that was your problem. Even is some went sub q it would still work.

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