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Best Deadlift Variation

Hi, I am a big fan of you Christian, as you are that perfect mix of being strong yourself, while being well researched/intelligent.

My question is, what is the best variation of the deadlift? I currently do an upper/lower split, lifting legs once a week. I am a powerlifter. If I did a meet today I would guess I would be around 535/320/570 at 180.

I always deadlift after squats. For legs, I do 3 sets of 6, then deadlifts, 2 sets of 6. Not counting warm ups. These are all out sets. Typically going for a PR each workout.

But my question is, what can I do, either in addition to, or in alternation with the standard deadlifts? I have played around with snatch gripped DL, deficit deads, ect. But I never really stuck with any of those since I dont really know how they correlate/which is best. Thanks