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Best Deadlift EVER!




This video has already circulated through here...

...I'm not sure what the final consensus was in terms of validity.

He's got nuttin' on my form!



I agree the form sucks. Besides 300Lbs is not that much I hope the whole best deadlift ever is a joke.


Lol - now THAT is how you lift a weight!


Consensus was that it was a joke. This guy posted the video on another forum as a joke.

Maybe he was trying to imitate DeiselWeasel...


My thoughts exactly. The furious humpage of the bar is very reminiscent of DW.



I was waiting for his spine to shoot out of his back. Just watching that video makes my back hurt.


lol, nice!



Actually I'm just using this as an excuse to mention that I broke my deadlift PR today. 415lbs nice and smooth...
I know it's not much to the PL'ers out there but I'm a 44 year old natural who's only been traning for 4 years. 500lbs, here I come!


I have seen this name referenced a few times on these forums. Who is Deiselweasel, and where can I find his video?


I know practically nothing about dead lift form but that just looks like it hurt like hell!!! And that man desperatly needs some lovin from something other than iron...jk


He's taking the piss. Even the Deez didn't have form that bad. Plus, that guy looked strong.


I expected him to break in half at knee level, or at least have a disk shoot out of his back.

painful to watch