Best Dead Shoe

I know already look for a shoe with little to no sole i dont wanna wear dead slippers though…Looking for a shoe MADE for deads…Preferabbly cheap and nice looking.(ps those toe shoes are really gay,sorry toe shoe lovers lol)
Was thinking of adidas wrestling shoes but anyone know of a Powerlifting company that sells shoes for deads again not dead slippers?

I’ve heard good reviews of the SABO deadlift shoes, I’ve never used them personally but I do have their squat shoes and they are of good quality. Might be worth looking into

chuck taylors, wrestling shoes, sabo powerlifting shoe, mark bells powerlift shoe.

Wrestling shoes. I use them for all my workouts and love em.

thanks for all replies ill check some out the sabo pl dead shoes sound interesting as well as m.bell chucks are popular i just dont like em lol wrestling shoes are cool but Usually exp tho im sure i could find some online cheap

yep am using mark bell reeboks -really great and built to last

I’ve had a cheap pair of asics (just looked it up they’re matflex 4’s) for over a year and love sumo deadlifting in them. If I’m not mistaken wrestling season ended recently so you may be able to find a pair on clearance at a sporting goods store.

My favorite are leather Chuck Taylor’s.

I’ve had my wrestling shoes since 2001, and they aren’t expensive.

I prefer my chucks, particularly for conventional deadlifting. Do you pull conventional or sumo? I like a tighter fit/more support when I am sumo.

Very happy with my Adidas Box Hogs for sumo deadlifting. Little to no sole, very light, but still some decent lateral support.