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Best Day to Incorporate Front Squats

I’m just finishing up my third week of the ‘More Squatting’ 531 routine I found on blackironbeast. I decided that after my deload week I want to run the Bodybuilder routine from Blood and Chalk 8 and Wendler’s blog but I also want to add in 531 for Front Squats. I wanted to see if you guys think it would be better to add them in on Monday when I Press or on Tuesday and move Deadlift to Monday’s workout. I like to squat at least twice a week and don’t want to do Front and Back squats on the same day. Here’s how my week would look for both:

Option 1:

Mon: Front Squat + Press
Tues: Deadlift
Thurs: Bench
Fri: Back Squat

Option 2:
Monday: Deadlift + Press
Tues: Front Squat
Thurs: Bench
Fri: Back Squat

Front squats after Deadlift would murder my low back…
Completely unrelated. Check out “Building the Monolith” in Jim’s blog. I think that meets your goals. Has you press and squat 2x a week and is a 3day split. I personally didnt like it but it seems optimal for 2day squatting