Best Damn Workout with Upper/Lower not Push/Pull?

Hey CT, I have seen your article on your 6-day Push/pull split. I was wondering if the same frequency can be applied to an UL split. How would I set this up workout and volume wise to maximize growth but also have plenty of recovery. My main goal is hypertrophy but would also like some strength progress also. Would 2 exercise for per body part for 3-4 sets be too much? Thank you.

I’d have to say yeah. With the split you are hitting the lower and upper every single day. In a upper lower split its every other day.
But I have to ask, why wouldn’t you try what he has written before you change it? CT is one of the top in the game. I’d try it out for a few months, see what works for you and what doesn’t. Then you could assess and tinker a bit.

Your question basically has no connection with the original program. You want a different split, different methods and different volume. Do what you want but don’t try to connect it with something I wrote


Why are you so dead set on U/L? In your other thread you got tons of advice, bastardizing a written program was not it.

U/L, Push/pull, whole body, movement specific, bro-split. All of these will work if you work hard and put thought into it.