Best Damn Workout with Machines Only? Program For Women?

@thibarmy wrote an article The best damn workout plan for natural lifters. I used this workout for a very short time and was seeing progress. But because of my job I had to stop. Now after several months I’ve joined a gym but they only have machine. How can I implement this workout with machines only? And is this workout good for women? Thank you for your response.

Well, all the methods can be done with machines. But it’s a matter of finding the best machine exercises you can do for each muscle. I really cannot say because I don’t know which machines you have and I honestly don’t have the time for that type of question. Simply look at the machines you have an figure out which one to use to hit the muscles you need to target,

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I’m no expert but I still consider myself to have some reliable insight. Machines work great but you tend to need to run a high frequency program vs free weights where volume tends to be the focus. Relative is cable machines which IMO you can do either volume or frequency which is why I consider them the best all around performer regardless of goals. Machines in gyms generally produce great isolation but do not load the rest or significant portions of the body to get conditioning and work put in by proxy. A lot of popular machines are also nonlinear due to mechanism so you put on say 200lbs, do an incline press and as you raise the weight it de-loads you so at peak extension you’re pressing 150lbs.

I’m not saying don’t bother running a 5x5 program but using frequency for a 1-2 month cycle then progressing to a volume and if desired 5x5 has been my best experience using machines. With all that said we also must take into consideration what your body responds best to. I don’t respond well at all to high volume for a lot of exercises but after a cycle of high frequency, volume then becomes the only way I progress.

When the opinions, debates, programs etc. get laid out on the table and everyone has had their say, I think ultimately no matter what the technology and no matter what the method, you want to use some form or progressive overload after your initial “newb” gains.

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Maybe I could give you some help? I did this program with mostly machines after surgery

How did it go for you?

Can I incorporate the 100 rep leg press from Tip: A New Method for Big, Hard Legs. With The best damn workout? I just dont really feel my legs except for my calfs. Or do you think this is too much work. I started your workout May 6 , 2019. Thank you