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Best Damn Workout with Heavy/Medium/Light Days?

Hello CT !

Would it be possible to follow the “best damn workout plan” using “heavy” “medium” and “light day”?
For example, all double rest pause sets on the first day and all mTor on the last day?

Thanks !

why would you want to do this, this way ?

To have my hardest / heaviest day early in the week when I’m the most fresh.
You don’t think it’s a good idea ?

i think that the workout is made to be ‘‘fresh’’ everyday because of the low volume work. You don’t recover well from it ?

Yes, I’m having great success with a powerlifting variation set up similar to this. I do it just with the big lifts though, so I’m still doing mTor and myo style sets every day.

Push 1

  1. Heavy Bench
  2. Squat Light

Pull 1

  1. Deadlift Heavy

Push 2

  1. Squat Moderate
  2. Bench Moderate

Pull 2

  1. Post-chain Moderate

Push 3

  1. Heavy Squat
  2. Speed Bench

Pull 3

  1. Post-chain Light


Not really… but not muscle fatigue it’s more a general/neural fatigue.

Did you try the workout 4 days a week instead of 6 ?

No, and to be honest it does not appeal to me at all…

What you mean

I never try the 4 days version because i like To go to the gym more than 4 times per week.

It’s ignorant to say you’re suffering from neural fatigue and then follow it up by saying you’re not willing to train less days per week to remedy the problem. You could run a neural charge workout on Wednesday and possibly help your recovery problem and still train five days a week. You might even be able to do another one on Saturdays.

I’ve never done a neural charge workout but from what I’ve read it’s supposed to help you in terms of neural fatigue. You might look into that.

Edit: To answer your original question… you can probably dedicate each day to one technique. I understand wanting to go harder earlier in the week. I found that having more than two mTor exercises in a session was unpleasant though.

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I understand why you say that, but when i wrote that i feel “neural” fatigue (not sure if it’s really neural fatigue) it’s related to the Best Damn Workout, i’ve follow other routine without this fatigue. Maybe it’s better for me me not to go to failure or past failure too often…

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That could be correct. A lot of this is trial and error. My experiences will be different than yours. It’s good to seek advice but it’s also good to just try stuff out and see how it goes.

Try your way and see how you like it. If it doesn’t work out then try something different. There is no perfect, optimal, all encompassing program.

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That’s what I do most of the time, but sometimes you need an external approbation before doing something !

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