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Best Damn Workout Why mTorr on Single Joint Exercises?

I noticed in the best damn workout article that you have the trainee doing mTorr eccentrics on single joint exercises only like straight arm pullovers, tricep extensions, cable crossovers and glute-ham raises.

Is there a particular reason why compound exercises like chins and dips are not ideal for mTorr eccentric sets? I understand that sometimes you want to remove a weak link like biceps so that the lats can be hit harder, but are negative closegrip chins a good choice if you are targeting the biceps. Same with dips for triceps. Is it better to isolate the eccentric to the target muscle to reduce overall training stress?

To pose a simple question: would chest style dips be OK for mTorr eccentrics instead of cable crossovers or is there some reason why single joint is better for mTorr in general, regardless of which workout you are doing?

Any exercises are fine with that rep style. It’s just a matter of minimizing neural stress while still stimulating muscle growth,

I am 57 years old and have been working out steadily no large chunks of time off for 10 years. Your Best Damn Workout… is the best damn workout for putting on muscle for me. I guess I was just spending too much time in the gym. In my case less was more. Thanks

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It’s the case for many people, sadly. Glad to hear about your results