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Best Damn Workout While Doing Sport, Possible?


I am back to lifting after a long injury, almost two years.
Decided to quit rugby and running definitively (very very bad shin splints and various leg issues) and accepted my new destiny as a swimmer.
Last six months before the summer, I took swimming lessons and it did great for my body. Spent the summer surfing, great again, now it’s time to get back to lifting.

In a few week the swimming season will start. I will do two workouts a week at the club (probably Mon-Wed), approx 1h-1h30 - about 1200m. Motsly technique work and cardio.

My question is:
Is it possible to take on the Best Damn Workout Plan while doing sports/cardio?
Are modifications required and do I still train every day?

If not, what could be a nice option? I love the fact of frequent, short and very intense workouts.

Thanks for reading.

It’s likely the best type of program you can do when doing a high volume sport, because it’s a low volume lifting program. I would start by not lifting on the swimming days for at least 2-3 weeks. Then try doing both a lifting and swimming session once a week to see how your body is handling it. If it works (try it for 2-3 weeks) try training on both swimming days, if it doesn’t stop training on the swimming days… it’s not rocket science

Thank you for your clear answer Christian.

I just got out of the podologist who gave me the green light to lift again

I’ll try to post the results in a few weeks.