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Best Damn Workout: Training 5 Days? Manual Labor Job

I’ve been doing a PPLPPL program for the past few weeks and gained a few lbs. I usually change program every 6-8 weeks. I have questions about that program. I’ve never tried myo reps or mTor activation so hopefully I’ll learn something new on this program.

Goal for the program is to gain as much muscle as I can because I’ll be bulking hard for 8weeks to gain as much size and I will put on fat.

3900-4100calories, carbs 320+, protein 220, fat 200. Mostly steak chicken and nuts and pasta.

  1. I got a job and work 2 days and can only lift 5 days, this program is a 6 day PPL but could I do this?

Monday Push 1
Wednesday pull 1
Thursday push 2
Saturday pull 2
Sunday push 3

Monday pull 3
Wednesday push 1
Thursday pull 1
Saturday push 2
Sunday pull 2

Monday push 3
Wednesday pull 3
Thursday push 1
Saturday pull 1
Sunday push 2

Monday pull 2

  1. The job is manual labor and involves a lot of lifting and stacking wood. Would this interfere with training since work days are the only rest I have and I’m not really resting?

  2. Is there enough volume for me in that program? I don’t feel overtrained when doing high volume and I am young so I can handle a bit more volume.


  1. Yes
  2. It might, you’ll have to find out how it does first hand.
  3. Yes

It works well in short bursts like 6-8 weeks. Its plenty tough as doing rest pause or clusters every workout, so don’t worry if enough volume.
Every 10 days would try get one day total rest/off all exercise both program and work

Will need to keep an eye on sleep also

Work 2 days and can only workout 5…I wish.

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