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Best Damn Workout - Stagnation and Exhaustion

Hi Christian,

I use to train 4 times a week according to the Best Damn Workout for natural lifters. Ich have been doing this for 2 years. It seems, I always move in the same cycle. I dont plan it. For Example, a typical bench press cycle starts with 90% of my 4rm, wich is around 4x105kg. Every Bench Press Workout I add 1kg until I reach my 100% 4rm wich is 4x115kg. The workout after this ends in a failure with 3x116kg and the following weeks are rather worse than better. Most of the main lifts ends like this around the same time.

When I realise the stagnation and I am getting mad, I set back the weights to 90% of my 4rm. Then I climb all the way up to 100% of my 4rm and stagnate again. I weigh 97kg and I am a natural lifter, but a 4x115kg bench Press or a 4x75kg strict overhead press cannot be the limit for me.

What should I do now? Maybe I can start a new cycle with other exercises wich are similar to my current exercises?

Are the other exercises you use ones which target your weaknesses?

For example, if you’re training the bench press on a push day, and your weak point is at the bottom, you may choose to do a weighted wide-grip pushup after. If it’s more in the mid-range/lockout you may choose to use a weighted close-grip pushup to hit the triceps more.

The way I’m running it right now is to train the bench press on every push day, so leaving out overhead pressing. Specificity is important for strength.

I wrote the program less than 1 1/2 years ago, how can you have been on it for 2 years?


I have started the program at March the 4th 2017. That is almost 2 years ago. I have posted a Link to this program in a forum, so I am pretty sure about the date.

Take 8-12 weeks and do a different program focusing on strength. Obviously any weight lifting should produce strength gains, but this program is not focused on that and produces lots of fatigue, which could be masking your strength gains. On top of that, it sounds like you have run this program for long enough that a new type of stimulus/adaptation response is necessary.

CT’s 915 plan might be a good change of pace and is better suited for your goal.

Yeah move on to a different template, especially where you dont go to failure l-ike Layers 4 day or Complete power Look,

The best damn produces lots of fatigue? I would have say it’s the opposite

Lots of muscular fatigue. It’s 3 hard sets (one to extended failure) 3 times a week at the full protocol. You’re fully exhausting the muscle, giving it one day to rest, and then doing over and over and over again.

Compare that with a program that gives you a full week off in between repeated efforts.

Yes but he was doing the 4 days a week option, not 6

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First, I’m honored that you did the program for 2 years. First it shows that the program did work otherwise you would not have lasted 2 years on it. But it also shows the confidence you have in me.

That having been said, no program, regardless how good, should be done for 2 years. Normally 3 months is the top. You can keep the same training principles but changing the actual program. I have written 2 variations of this plan, you might want to try them out. Or you could even do something completely different for 3-4 weeks before getting back to it.

I haven’t come back to this kind of training since “The Best Damn” ahah

But really I feel fresher with high frequency. Honestly after 2 days I had no problem hitting again the same part compared to when I started with some Arnold kind of split where I would destroy a bodypart once a week