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Best Damn Workout Split and Adherence

I’ve been loving the BDW and getting great results. However, my work schedule is going be changing and I may have to change up my plan, as some weeks I’ll only have 3 days to train. (I would say that 75 percent of the time, I could stick with 6 days a week as written.)

Would it be possible to do a Pull workout in the morning and a Push in the evening on 3 of the days on these unfortunate weeks, and still have the program deliver, with accounting for nutritional demands? Or am I better off switching to a 3 day a week, full body program for good?

Obviously, I want to make BDW happen, as I love the workout, methodology, and results. Any intermediate lifters out there have success with a 3 day only program?


Yes that is acceptable. The main issue would be volume PER SESSION since cortisol production will be proportional to the amount of energy required in that workout. YES by doing two sessions in the day you increase cortisol twice, but with minimal volume you will have two small bumps If you were to do one bigger session to compensate for the lack of frequency you would have one large bump that would end up being more problematic.

Thanks so much, coach. I’m really progressing on the program, feel great (might be my favorite thing about it), and didn’t want to have to stop!