Best Damn Workout - Rest Between Sets?

Coach CT,

Regarding Best Damn Workout, a few questions:

  1. How much time do you rest between each set?
  2. Can I add a Calf exercise to Push Days and an Ab exercise to Pull Days?

Thanks in advance!


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Well, considering that you only have one all-out set it’s that important… if you had like 4-5 straight sets with heavy weights, rest would be more important. But here the sets preceding the all-out effort are not all out, so 90-120 seconds is enough

Sure… what’s with people’s obsession about calves? I’ve never trained mine directly in my life and none of my athletes ever did… and those with poor calves, who do tons of calves work never seem to improve,., very low trainability… but if it makes you feel good, knock yourself out

Thanks CT!

I can’t comment for other people, but my calves are proportionate, and I’ve rarely done calf exercises. Just wondered if it was necessary - probably because I’m still in the BB training split mind-set.