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Best Damn Workout Questions



Im about to start my this program next week. Just some quick questions .

  1. The lying leg curl & leg extension in my gym are out of order. Is there any alternative to this? Will any kind of hamstring and quads substitute be good? Or must it be an isolation exercise.

Can I substitute leg curl with db RDL
And leg extension with db squats?

  1. And also the rest is not indicated. Im assuming it"s anywhere from 60- 90s rest ?



Leg extension replaced with bulgarian split squats


Copied from the article:

"You do three pull workouts and three push workouts three times per week, using different exercise at every workout. While you can use any exercise you want, when possible I like to use 2 multi-joint exercises and 1 isolation exercise.

For example, our first hamstring workout of the week might consist of Romanian deadlifts while the second might consist of lying leg curls. The third hamstring workout of the week – the isolation move – might consist of glute ham raises."

CT’s program is a sample template. Unlike other programs on here you can makes some changes.

I’m doing front squats, squats, & reverse lunges for my 3 push days. RDLs on pulling days. I’ll probably mix in leg curls when I can but I feel like RDLs are more applicable to real life than leg curls. Other hamstrings exercises that don’t require the machine are barbell hip thrusts, Nordic hams (AKA glute/ham raise without using glutes), single leg RDLs, standing leg extension/Curl with a cable attached to the ankle, cable pull thrus, just to name a few.

If you need more quad ideas then your split squats would work. Leg Press, lunge variations, squat variations, pistol squats, and so on.

The nice thing about a bodybuilding program is that the goal is to stimulate the muscle so you can use variety. Strength programs require you to stick to the specific exercise that you’re trying to improve.

Good luck!


That’s very detailed answer. Thank you very much. Will implement the changes when needed. Cheers!


Be careful when using different exercises. Some of these methods taken to failure is not ideal with compound movements.


Like doing mTor sets on front squats!? I’m only using double rest pause on the big stuff…and using technical failure instead of complete failure. Better to leave e rep or two in the tank than get hurt and have to miss a month.