Best Damn Workout Questions: Warm-up Sets? How Long Before Periodization?


I’m gonna start this workout plan today and i have two questions:

  1. Should i do 2 “warmup sets” and then one of the intense working sets? Or should i do 2 “warmup sets” 2 working sets and then 1 one of the intense working sets? I did not understand by the way he wrote.

  2. How long should i be doing this workout plan before i start to periodise?

Thank you!

The second question is probably best suited in CT’s forum.

As per the first: you do three total sets. Two preparation sets, then your all-out set with the prescripted special method. Then you move on to the next exercise.

Honestly I suggest you still warm-up a bit before doing the two “preparation sets”. Well for instance if you’re going to do curls and feel warmed-up enough by all mean start with the two preparation sets. But on squats or bench etc it would be ill-advised. Most people can’t be warmed-up with 2 sets…

As for the second question it’s when you’re bored or stop making progress

Correct. I remember reading CT himself say that on the heavier rest pause set (or, in BDW2, on the cluster sets) you can warm up with more than two sets if the working weight is pretty high and you can’t reach it within two sets.

The key is keeping those sets low-stress to avoid accumulating too much volume.

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