Best Damn Workout Plan For Natural Lifters (I Testify)

I’ve been running this for nearly two months and I have increased my lifts on a weekly basis since day one. (while slightly losing bodyweight!)
This is truely an amazing program and every detail of it I appreciate more by the day as I run it.

Today, I have decided to add decline bench press on day 6 right before rest day. On top of this I will force in some abs and calves exercises during the week.

I just feel like the decline is an essential and I need to incorporate it just like the calves and abs, my question is what are your thoughts on this? I’m only concerned because I have had some poblems with overtaining and insomnia in the past as I’m a full time student as well + trying to pay rent. But I will keep you updated in a month or two.

btw: Every 3-4 weeks I have one “deload” week where I do volume up, more reps per set and intensity down to feel refreshed

If you add the decline, which is a big compound lift, you need to take out another pressing movement.

Calves and abs are low stress, ypu can add them in.

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