Best Damn Workout Plan: Calves and Abs?

Im starting this routine next week coming from doing way to much volume all of my training career, i did notice that there is no abs or calves exercises listed, if i add these, should i use 6-8-10 drop sets or any of the other tecniques?

I often get asked about this. I never include calves or abs in any of my programs. HOWEVER I’ve written quite a bit on abs training and people know that I normally recommend using blitz cycles where abs are trained daily for 3-4 weeks using a superset of 2 exercises (one loaded and one unloaded) abs exercises for 2-3 sets of 8-12 reps.

As for calves, I have honestly never did a single set of any calves exercise in my life and probably use direct calves work wit 2-3 clients in my whole career, so you won’t really see me give advice on calves training. But sure, feel free to add some calves work using the methods from te program.

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Thanks for clarifying, I was also abit confused about the preparation sets, they are the 2 sets prior to the last all out set listed in the routine right?

And if I use say 225lbs on bench press for my working set is 180lbs 2x6 good for the preparation?

Prep sets go by feel. You’ll know if it’s good.

Or not.