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Best Damn Workout Part 1 and 2, Periodization?

Hi I wonder where periodization fits in BDWP. Do I somehow increase intensity over a period of 4-6 weeks, then rest a week, doing some other activities like swimming and then repeat?

I have trained part 2 of you programs since christmas when it was released with good results. I feel like taking a break for a week and then start on you program switching some of the exercise out. I am missing heavy dips, so I will swap narrow branch press with dips and make some small modifications to the program.

Do I need periodization? And is a week with other activities to long? I will do HIT training and swimming.

From a neurological point of view I prefer a deload week (same exercises, less volume, intensity, maybe less load) to a complete dropout with different activities. Here on t-nation is some information about deload programming, some research may help You. Deloading has the effect of giving muscles, joints and ligaments a needed rest while Your mind-muscle connections are still active.

That is NOT what periodization is, you are asking about a deload. Which can be a part of a periodized plan (not always) but it is not periodization. Perodization is the division of training into periods (called blocks or phases or cycles) with the type of training or the loading parameters change with each phase to develop certain physical, psychological and technical capacities.

If you are doing only BDW (1 or 2) month after month it is NOT periodization, even if you include a deload week once in a while.

Now, regarding deload weeks. Some people will need it, others not. It depends on several factors (how you respond to stress, how well do you recover, how much “other” sources of stress you have in your life, etc.).

And depending on your neurotype the deload will be different.

With BDW you can’t really decrease volume during a deload since the volume is minimal. What you can do is…

A. Do not go to failure on any of the methods, stop 1-2 reps short
B. Use less neurally demanding exercises for a week (mostly machines and pulleys instead of free-weights)
C. Decrease the frequency to 4 days per week
D. Do something completely different for 1 week, taking it easy for that week

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I guess I really need to improve my english (-: I know what periodization is. Weider 5/3/1 is using periodization. I was just wondering how to train BDW in the long run. Should I just change the program a little every 4-6 weeks using different reps technics Rest/pause, cluster, mTor, Myo and drop sets.

I will follow any advice from you simple because BWD is working and my joints are still healthy after 6 months of BDW training. At age 54 I really appreciate that, Thanks.

If I had the money I would hire you, but I guess that I have to play lotto (-:

Check this thread out: Best Damn Techniques

It answers a lot of the questions you are asking, and offers a variety of techniques to use within that program.

Basically, keep the big exercises and techniques the same for a while (4-6 weeks), while the smaller ones can be traded out much more often (bicep curls for example you can switch the exercise and MTOR / fatgigue technique up every 1-2 weeks)

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That’s Wendler, not Weider. TECHNICALLY it doesn’t use periodization, it use intensity cycling. Not exactly the same. Each phase is the same. The cycling is from week to week


What’s up Coach, I’m new to the t nation team and I just started your Bdw part 2 today after being on a strength program for the past few months. I was wondering if it would be optimal to start on part 1 or if it was okay to start straight on part 2? There’s not much info out there yet since this is a new article, but would like to know what your thoughts were since I’m starting this week.

They are variations of the same approach, the 2 is not a second phase. You can do both in any order

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Awesome thanks man, appreciate the quick answer. Also, is it okay to say that the RPE 8/10 is equal to 80% of my work set weight?