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Best Damn Workout Nattys vs Single Best Muscle Building Method

I am a big fan…def not a troll. I would considered myself an advanced, natty lifter. 507-190 pretty lean. I am a former competitive powerlifter 480/330/550 @ 181 lbs 5 years ago. I am now 48 and have some disc issues in my low back. I no longer care about strength or power. I simply want to put on as much “decorative” muscle as possible. Single minded-focus on hypertrophy. I very much value your articles but I need some direction on which is a better scenario for me. The above link suggests training till failure with light(er) weights and then the latest Natty article suggests going till failure with a much heavier load. I understand the key is “failure” in both articles. Given my goals which would you believe will be more effective to get me where I want to be?

CTs newest article talks about cortisol and how it’s released to generate energy by using your glycogen. The longer the workout, the more energy needed, which can lead to increased cortisol for us naturals.

The Best Damn article and the one you referenced advocate failure. Based on 3 Reasons You Can’t Train Like A Juicer I’d say the Best Damn workout might be the better approach because it’ll be a shorter workout and still achieve the muscle failure you desire.

CT also admits he’s still learning so the newer workouts are adjustments on old things to give the best programs possible.

Hope this helps. Only my opinion and interpretation of CTs stuff.

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