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Best Damn Workout: Lose Fat First Or Go With Reduced Calories?


Hello from England.

First off, I think I hijacked someone’s post, I didn’t realise that it was a personal question, I thought it was a dedicated post for the workout!!

Lesson learned.

So, copy n paste…

I’ve been a long time lurker of this site and finally took the plunge and registered just so I can look into this program some more and even better I saw this page, I had to register.
A little info on me.

First off I am a natural lifter, reasons will be explained but I have absolutely no issues with gear, using it and think it has its place in this sport. It’s not a tabo issue in the UK, its NOT illegal to use, just sell.

I can’t use gear because of the strict drug policy at work, I also take high blood pressure meds but if it was any other way, I’d have probably gone a few cycles.

So, I also happen to have a lower lumbar prolapsed disc that gives me daily shiz and pain and my legs are weak as a result, not strength wise, just standing longer than 40 mins I’m in agony.
The last 2 years saw me out of the gym and out if shape. Obviously I need to address this and was looking for a good program for natural trainers and not something tailored for enhansed dudes/gals.
I always thought that a single body part split is really only beneficial for people who destroy their muscles so much that they require a week off between training it again and have the enhancement to help, most natties simply cannot get to that level without being counter productive, please correct me if I’m wrong?

So, with that being said and a little history of myself, I am thinking that when I get back to the gym next Monday at 0430, I’m gonna give this program a bash, see how I go.
Ultimately I need to add mass but also lose the weight I have gained. I guess I’m around 25% @ 105kgs? Don’t quote me, my scales are jacked.

Would you recommend I lose the lard first or go straight in but cut calories and sacrifice some mass for initial fat loss?

Thanks again and I like your straight talking approach, something that’s missing these days.


I will tell you what I told someone else, and it’s essentially a quote from CT: the odds of him (CT) answering a question is inversely proportional to the length of the question. You need to understand he’s a busy guy. He doesn’t have time to wade through long questions. Try to whittle this down and you’ll probably get an answer.


A quote from CT in the above thread regarding Best Damn while losing weight:

"This is a good way to train while on a fat loss diet. Doing more volume would cause a cortisol spike that would lead to muscle loss while on a caloric deficit.

Of course you can’t gain a lot of muscle on a caloric deficit so you are not getting the most out of the program. BUT you must train when you are on a caloric deficit too, and this is likely the least damageable way to train in that situation."


Thanks for the replies,

OK, I’ll shorten the questions, point taken. Maybe I’ll have to ask individual questions for my multiple issues. Or not!

Yep, I’ll be training in a caloric deficit and have trained long enough to understand that I will be sacrificing muscle as I said. Tbh, I’m absolutely cool with that as I can easily build that back, I’m quite fortunate that I don’t find it too difficult to build muscle…or lard for that matter.
High rep routines have never worked for me personally, I just get sore and I’ve had my best results doing Yates style HIT even though I’m not jucing. I liked the look of this program because its similar in set amounts per body part but has more frequency.
I’m gonna give it a good go for a few months and maybe start a log on here?