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Best Damn Workout: Iso-Hold Instead of Myo Reps and mTor Sets?

Hey coach!

Just wondering about the Best damn workout program: I have been using the program with good sucsess, but i only feel i can go to failiure on the Rest pause sets. The myo reps and the mtor sets i feel i can’t push as hard. Can these two be replaced with one set to 20 with an iso hold at the last rep and then a slow eccsentric and weighted stretch.

So: 20 reps, then 15 sec iso hold, then 5 second eccentric and 20-30 sec weighted stretch.

In the weekly program:
Day 1: Bench press: rest pause
Day 2: Cable fly: 1X20
Day 3: Db bench: 1X20

Provided i go to failiure, will this work just as good for hypertrophy?


I would likely use lower starting reps than 20, probably more like 10-12. But yeah, it would work.

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