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"Best Damn Workout" for Women?

My gf is my new workout buddy, and we are currently doing a linear progression program (5x5) to get her accustomed to working out and to get her form in check. When we are finished with that, I wanted to go back to the BDW4NL because I had really enjoyed running it in the past. My only concern is how it will benefit the gf. I don’t think the volume or frequency is too much, but my main concern is how this approach to muscle building affects females specifically. Are there any women who have successfully ran this program?

Well, there is no reason why a woman cannot do this program, physiologically speaking. However, from experience, women can generally tolerate more volume than men. And a hard training woman doesn’t feel satisfied with low volume work, even if it has high frequency and high intensity.

Also, the exercise selection is not well adjusted to women’s needs and goals.

You taking the time to respond to my question is immensely appreciated. My gf has definitely seemed to exhibit the traits you mentioned in your response. I have enjoyed all the content you’ve posted to Tnation (especially the neurotype work), and I’ll be reading a lot more specifically about what you’ve said in regards to females and training so that I can find a solution that works for us both.

I have done my best to steer my gf (and others for that matter) away from instagram fitness people to knowledgeable professionals like you, and I will continue to do so because of the quality of your work as a coach and educator. Thank you!