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Best Damn Workout for Strength?

Hey Coach,

I would like to use the some of the principles applied in the best damn workout for natties (hitting a muscle as frequent as possible with as little volume as needed) I was able to do some research in the forum and I can seee that there are other queries for the same,you even stated that there will be an article covering that but I was not able to find it. Could you please share with me how I can modify the best damn workout so I can apply it for strength gains?

Thank you.

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I wrote one on my website. Basically it included one big lift programmed for strength (using parameters similar to my “Power look” program) and assistance work like the Best Damn program. Pretty simple really.


Great read. Can you use an military press instead of benching? If you wanted to use this as a base for an off-season strongman, for example?

Hey Coach,

I’ve tried that but this type of strength training does not fit me well. as I shared with you I did something similar for about two months and I did not see very good strength gains. Also I feel a lot better to squat or bench twice a week.

If I lower the volume just do 3x3 on the main movements won’t that do the job ?

Thank you

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