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Best Damn Workout for Over-50?

I am a 56 year old lifter, been doing it for 40 years. There are no contests, neither power, physique nor endurance, in my future. I have moved to your “Best Damn Work Out for Natural Lifters.” Is this a workout you have found works well for older lifters? Any advice for the over 50 crowd (if there still is a crowd left!) would help?


Absolutely, one of my training partner when I designed this plan was in his late 50s and progressed very well. Plenty of people over 50 reported solid gains from it too,

55 here. I made good progress on all the “Best Damn” programs: 1,2,High Volume, and Strength. Really can’t go wrong.

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55? Wow dude you look way younger!


Thanks Coach for the response. I read an article where you talk about how the 5-3-1-Deload is a way to change up and continue making gains. You Best Damn Workout has been a lifesaver for my lifting, my wife even uses it and likes it. My question is how do I change up the Best Damn Workout, just shift between BDW I and II? Or can we do a deload? My neck and back feel best they have been in years, so I want to ask before messing with a good thing.

i am 56. i started 2 years ago when i looked like this.

Now i look like this:

best damn workout for natural lifters amd best damn diet for natural lifters.


That’s quite a transformation. Well done

Way to go.

If everything is good, why deload? You can stay on the Best Damn virtually forever. Alternate between I and II, switch exercises, switch intensity techniques…

If you need a deload, you could just do the Best Damn without the intensity techniques, or you could do “opposite training”, each bodypart once a week, high volume, low intensity


Thanks. I appreciate a reasonable response! That is pretty much what we are doing. Swapping out some lifts to keep from overtraining any one area.

Nice job! I am 57 and can appreciate the effort and discipline to make a change at our age. Hope to see your update at 67 and 77!

While it is not related to body composition, but rather strength, I though I might give you some examples of gaining even when you are older.

When I competed in weightlifting (olympic lifting) I trained at the national center and there were two master lifters training together. One was 67 and the other 69.

The guy who was 67 was world champion in his age and weight class (77kg/170lbs) and he could snatch 92.5kg/204lbs , clean & jerk 125kg (275lbs), squat 140kg/308lbs x 5.

But what was more impressive is that he actually started training at 55 because his son started training seriously in weightlifitng. So he made al of his strength gains between 55 and 67.

His former partner is still competing. He is 83 years old now! At 83 years old and 77kg he front squatted 110kg/242lbs.

I also had a client of mine get his deadlift record at 63 and he competed in firefit events (and working as a fireman) until he was 69.

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This is really incredible, and might get my old pops on training / inspiration.

Coach are these guys on HRT / steroids etc. That has to be a factor right (hormones) or not so much?

Honestly, I have no idea. They both competed in tested events (and yes they do test master events, some master weightlifters tested positive) but that is not a guarantee of being clean.