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Best Damn Workout for Naturals 2: Additional Leg Work?


First off, thank you for all the content you put out, both on T-nation and on your own blog. I’ve made incredible size gains over the past year using the principles you have taught me (seen better gains than I saw in the several years of lifting prior to finding you).

I’ve been running your Best Damn Workout Plan for Naturals Part 2 since October and I love it. My upper body in particular has seen incredible size improvements, but I feel like my lower body is not growing at the same pace (it has improved, but to my eye not as much as my upper body). Do you recommend adding any additional leg exercises if I’m looking for more thigh size, or just keep at it? I’m a type 3 if that matters.

The leg exercises for each workout go Rest/Pause squat, R/P romanian deadlift, slow goblet squat, myo leg curl, myo leg extension, slow RDL w/ elevated toes.

Thanks again for all your work, your articles are always extremely interesting and informative.