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Best Damn Workout for Natural Lifters: 3 Questions

  1. Should I cycle(rotate/switch) the working set technique week to week for a single particular exercise or continue to do the exact working set technique suggested? (Max mTorr, 6 8 10 Drop set, heavy double rest pause)

  2. Should I do direct ab work or am I hitting them enough with stabilization?

  3. If I feel relatively warmed-up, by the 2nd or 3rd exercise, do I still need to do a 2x6 warm-up set or can I skip those, pick a good weight, and just perform the working set?

Thank you Christian for posting this workout routine, I was struggling to find something new that I liked. So far, it’s been enjoyable and challenging.



It depends on your psychological/neurological profile. I’m working on articles on the subject that will go more in depth but those who are more extroverted, thrill seekers, easily bored, short tempered will need to change some elements to the program every 2 weeks… could be methods, could be means (different bar, added chains, added bands, etc.) or different exercises. People who are more introverted, great planners, careful nature, thinkers, should actually change much less often since change is a stress in itself for these people.


It can go both ways. If your ,mind muscle connection with your abs is bad, you should do some direct work.


No, do the warm-ups… they aren’t just warm-ups… in fact “warm-up” is a bad name. They are preparation sets. You use them not only to warm up and find the right weight, but also to grove the exercise and work on mind muscle connection. These sets, even though they are lighter and not to failure, should still be hard because you focus on squeezing the muscle as much as possible. Make the light sets feel heavy so that the heavy sets feel light


Thank you for the advice and prompt response, much appreciated!


No problem, let me know if I can be of more help


Is it applicable to ‘go for the pump’ in the Natty Workout, and if so, how is it done?