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Best Damn Workout for Natural Lifter and 'Crazy' Work Schedule

Hey christian, i am about to try your best damn workout part 1. My situation is that i am working as a correctionnal officier and i don’t have my work shift in advance. So example monday i can work 8 to 4, then start at midnight to 8 am and start again the next day 16-midnight. or i can start at 16-midnight and work next morning 8 to 4. We are working on 7 days a week shift 3 days off, 7 days in and 4 days off.

My question is : Yes i am able to train, but i will have less sleep, is it better to take a day off when it happen or only to reduce the ‘‘intensity’’ of the last set ?

Thank you for your advice.

I would personally recommend a day off. You will physically be capable of doing the workout, especially since it’s low volume. But hormonally speaking your will put yourself in a really bad situation to grow.

As for decreasing the intensity, with this approach to training (super low volume) it will make the program worthless. If you don’t reach failure (or beyond) on most methods, you won’t grow… the volume is simply not high enough, you need to reach failure to get full stimulation.

Great ! Thank you sir ill go like that !