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Best Damn Workout - For How Long?

Hi I have been using the Best Damn Workout for 4 months and for the first time in 20 years I have made real progress, THANKS again.

But I think that I need to shake things up, because my progress are really slowing down. Should I train a different program for a month? Change the rep range or ?

I would really like to go back to the Best Damn Workout because it fits me mentally. I like the short focused workouts with one do or die set (-:

You can…

Use different exercises with the same approach

Use different methods with the same approach

Do a strength-based program (lower reps/heavier weights) for 3-4 weeks then get back to the original program

Yep do another Thib program and then get back to it.
Just saw this below, pretty much sold me on doing a 4 week run…

Could you please elaborate what progress have you made?
I willl do this routine myself, as soon as I recover from low back injury so I am interested in people’s experiences.
Thanks a lot :slight_smile:

I have used the program for 4 months except for one week where I was sick. I have added an ekstra rest day so I train 3 days, one rest day and then 3 days again instead of 6 days and one rest day.

Progress (-: yes I have made progress and I still am. I am getting stronger and stronger without pain. I had a disc prolapse surgery 7 years ago and I have to be careful when I am training so no heavy deadlift for me :smirk: I also have bad knees, but none of this bother me with this training style.

The best of it? people can see my progress (-:

Thanks Martin, but can you be more specific? I mean, give some figures, like lift progress, or muscle gain :slight_smile:

Your situation is similar to mine, so I am glad to hear your experience.
Due to the back problems, have you switched some exercises?

If you have a life outside lifting then this is the best programme you can do time-wise, gain-wise and strength in the hypertrophy rep range wise.

It’s a no-brainer really.

Progression keeps on coming really, except for shoulders which are my weakest point anyway and seem not to recover if i don’t sleep enough (duh!)