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Best Damn Workout for Fat and Setting Up Conditioning


I know you’ve answered that best damn workout is optimal during fat loss because of low volume as you mentioned in other thread. My question is how do you set up conditioning with this routine.


You have to be really careful with conditioning as it will spike cortisol levels. When on a fat loss phase, especially if you are sensitive to overproducing cortisol (tend to retain water easily, feels flat when dieting, easily lose muscle and strength while dieting), you can actually hurt your body comp progress by doing too much conditioning work.

I suggest NOT doing conditioning and lifting on the same day when you are on a caloric deficit. So you have both lifting and conditioning / cardio days. The ratio of which depends on your priority (maintaining/adding muscle or losing fat).


Will finishers like KB snatches ,swings Burpees etc about 10 min max also have effect on cortisol??


Everything has an effect on cortisol. You can’t avoid everything that raise cortisol otherwise we would never train! But if you are prone to high cortisol levels (hard time building muscle, low muscle tone, post-training water retention, stressful job, etc.) you might want to be more careful. A good sign of excess cortisol is that you look “fatter” about 20 minutes post-workout (water retention).


Thanks CT for the info on cortisol.