Best Damn Workout Every Day for Certain Bodyparts?

Hi Christian, say that one would like to only train certain bodyparts for a while, and do that every day. Would this be doable using the best damn program, say training only back and shoulders for example but every day or maybe 5x per week and the final workout the rest of the bodyparts?

I believe I’ve seen CT say this is acceptable to bring up a lagging body part, but probably only 1 at a time, and using really low impact lifts to do so.

Yes that sounds reasonable. Still I am wondering if its total volume or volume/frequency per bodypart that would matter in this situation. Say that one does 3 sets of (side) delts, 3 sets of rear delts/rhomboids and 3 sets of lats 5x per week and then the rest of the body for 3 sets each on the 6th day, would this be a valid way to train? Could one do it for the whole upper body = 18 sets daily and then lower body on the 6th or vice versa - 5x of lowerbody only and so on?

Everything is "acceptable’’ … after all it’s only a hobby and you can do whatever you want.

BUT I don’t understand why someone believe that its something I would recommend or think is effective. I don’t and would not do it myself or have clients do it.

When specializing on 1-2 muscles I normally have people train these muscles 3x a week and the rest of the body is done at maintenance level spread over 1 or 2 days.

You CAN do a small amount of work for a specialized muscle every day, but not stopping training everything else completly.

No you haven’t

Thanks for the answer Christian!

This is what I was going for - sorry for the confusion, misread the OP’s first post.