Best Damn Workout as Change-up

Hello Coach,

I just want to say that I love both of these programs (Best damn 1 and 2). I recently did a program by Stark for strength and ascetics, and while I added a really good amount of strength, I noticed that the high volume of heavy lifts is starting to take a toll on me. Aches are not going away that quickly. I am almost 50 and I run TRT (at a level you called a cycle in your article), but anyway, what I am curious about is do you think that these programs are appropriate for people who are actually on gear? Could a competitive bodybuilder use the basics of one to get ready for competition, or does he need more volume?

Secondly, I think I am going to go back to this program. The M-Tor and other programing help with my joints, it doesn’t take hours to get through a workout, its fun and keeps my interest. What I am wondering is, since I run what you termed a cycle, should I add more exercises or volume, especially to the larger muscle groups?