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Best Damn Workout and Fat Loss Program?

Hey Chris

I’ve read your replies saying this is a good workout for fat loss due to the low level of volume and it not increasing cortisol too high

I’ve almost completed your Fat Loss Body Recomp plan and have loved certain workouts like the energy capacity stuff, the EMOM, the supersets etc

Is there a way of mixing the principles of best damn workout with some of the stuff from fat loss program…

Maybe two push and two pull days (done the best damn workout style) with two energy systems style workouts a week?

Thanks for your time

I’m doing BDW style type of training + (as in special techniques prescribed for last set, do 1-2 heavy sets of 6-7 reps then a special set to near failure) + combination of 5/3/1 for compounds. Anyway However I don’t like training the way coach CT layed out in the program and I’m applying it to my own preferred style which is
Day 1 upper
Day 2 Lower
day 3 off
Day 4 Upper
Day 5 Lower
Day 6 Upper
Day 6 off

for example for Upper body
combining 5/3/1 (for compounds) with CTs type of sets
2 upper body Push
2 upper body pulls
1 bicep exercise
1 triceps exercise

and its working great, workouts only last 40-45min +10min for mobility drills I’m dropping weight while getting stronger, and this gives me time to do cardio post weights