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Best Damn Workout and Cardio for Women

Hello I am neurotype 1B a woman , 42 …my secondary type is 3 …
I have just finishes the hard body training for women workout and I want to go back to straight lifting fir awhile .
I want to try the best damn workout for natural lifters .
One question: they look like shortish sessions on paper at least … is it ok if I add some met con circuits as finishers at the end for extra fat loss and conditioning? I’m feeling abit burned out with Olympic style lifts but would like to continue with med ball work as well as sprints farmers carries etc … also I would like to have a bar bell hip thrust somewhere … which day should I add that to ?
thanks in advance

The Best Damn Workout Part 2 article explains how to program things like loaded carries (farmer’s walks) and cardio into the plan.

One of the Pull workouts, in place of the glute or hamstring exercise.