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Best Damn Workout - 4 Day Split Rather Than 6?

Hi CT,

I haven’t posted in years as I spent a long time training with heavy kettlebells exclusively - results were amazing too!

I want to get back to barbell work and your Best Damn Workout looks awesome.

My question though - how would you adapt this to a 4 day split if I can’t get to the gym 6 times per week?

This would of course be a more traditional push pull split but I’d love to get your input on how you would best set up a 4 day push-pull for natural lifters looking for size & power?

Many thanks in advance, looking forward to your response


I answered this question many times. Simply roll the 6 workouts in order, but it will take you a week and a half instead of one week to complete the 6 workouts

Apologies - I haven’t checked this forum in a while!

Would you still get enough weekly volume? Or would you perhaps include more volume to compensate?

I would start with the workouts as they are. Wait a few weeks before thinking about adding “some” volume (which would be 1-2 work set per workout, not per exercise).

Hi CT,

When using chains on sumo style deadlifts as seen on the Indigo Project training videos, where can one purchase those (black) straps to secure those chains to the collar or barbell?

Secondly, would you recommend sumo kettlebell deadlifts as a viable option to use as a mechanical drop-set to use as a substitute for the Best Damn Workout plan?