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Best damn workout 3xweek?

Due to my commitments (I’m a Med student) I cannot afford to train more than 3xweek.
If I got the key point from your program it is that for a natural lifter you need to reduce volume (thus upping intensity) while upping frequency (3x weekx muscle). I thought about choosing 3 different exercises for muscle group which can emphasize 3 types of contraction
Stretch, working one set with mtor activation set
Overload: multi joint exercises with myo reps
Contraction: a double dropset
And working my whole body 3xweek, with one set per muscle group (chest, back, shoulders, bis, tris, quads, hams) using one exercise every day.
For chest for example it would look like
Mon: 1x6-8 incline dB press+myo reps
Wed: 1x8-12 dumbell fly mtor activation set
Fri: 1x15-20 pec Dec+double dropset

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