Best Damn Workout 3 Days a Week?

Hi CT. I’m super interested in training high intensity, high frequency, low volume. I like very much the idea behind the best damn, but I’m 21 and I’m a college Med Student, and can’t train more than 3 days a week. I understand that 6 days a week is better. But in my case can I just re-arrange the split to train full body with just one exercises per body part taken beyond failure.

I was thinking that It would be smart to cycle higher-systemic stress exercises and less stressful one between exercises (eg rest pause heavy dumbell press in the 6-8 range, VS mtor activation set on the pec Dec)

Thanks in advance for the response

Due to my commitments (I’m a Med student) I cannot afford to train more than 3xweek.
If I got the key point from your program it is that for a natural lifter you need to reduce volume (thus upping intensity) while upping frequency (3x weekx muscle). I thought about choosing 3 different exercises for muscle group which can emphasize 3 types of contraction
Stretch, working one set with mtor activation set
Overload: multi joint exercises with myo reps
Contraction: a double dropset
And working my whole body 3xweek, with one set per muscle group (chest, back, shoulders, bis, tris, quads, hams) using one exercise every day.
For chest for example it would look like
Mon: 1x6-8 incline dB press+myo reps
Wed: 1x8-12 dumbell fly mtor activation set
Fri: 1x15-20 pec Dec+double dropset

Part 2 of the article explains how to setup a 4-day routine.

It also states, “This program is not for you if you’re training less than 4 days a week.”

I understand the rigors of med school. But since you likely have a gym on the campus and that a workout on this systems lasts around 30 minutes I honestly don’t think that you’d have a problem fitting 4 or 5 sessions a week simply be rearanging the schedule a bit. Heck, I had a client on it, 6 days a week and the guy:

*Had 6 kids
*Had his own business and worked an average of 70 hours a week
*Travelled to the US (he is in Canada) for 4-5 days trip twice per month

I don’t buy the “I can only do the program 3 days a week” thing. If the workouts lasted 90 minutes (or even 60) maybe. But as I told you, you can easily do them in 30 minutes (I’ve done it every morning when my son was born).

Maaayyyybe if you are doing your residency which might have you work 10-12 hours a day plus some studying at night. But even then, with proper scheduling you should be able to pul off 4-5x a day.