Best Damn Workout 2-Myo Reps and Stretches

CT, any recommendations for Myo rep training when one has no access to machines? In particular chest, hamstrings, and quads.

Would trap bar DL be best used in the heavy hamstrings day?

Since you’re not going to failure, but to where you are no longer able to perform three repetitions, you can still use barbells.

Edit: I didn’t see the part about stretches. But I was thinking of doing them in a rack. Pins set just above chest. The stretch position is about mid-point, so higher than the pins.


I do not want to start a new thread to ask so, how do you do the loaded stretch on laterals and quads?

That’s tough. I can’t think of anything for delts to stretch them. The workout has lateral raises on an incline bench in push day 3.

The reality is that you don’t have to use every single method to see results. Sometimes it just doesn’t work out.

Throwing ideas out. For delts, BTB cable laterals on a low pulley ? They’d have to be pretty heavy though. For quads could try sissy squats, or leg extensions (would have play with setup) or db leg extensions with ass near edge of seat.


Quads - Anything that hits the quads! Zercher squat hold, globet squat hold! I would be doing close foot, heel elevated smith machine back squat, be awesome for the slow eccentrics and the bottom pause till failure allows no risks. Or feet right out in front burns my quads. Like a 90/90 thighs to shins.

Remember your got to be contracting the muscle as hard as possible while in the stretch position. Your not just hanging out.

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Seem more like isometric holds.

is what tye_89 was refering to

Loaded stretching is a yielding isometric, where the target muscle is stretched to some degree.
@alex44938 thanks :ok_hand:t3: