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Best Damn Warm-up?

Hey CT,

I’m going to run the Best Damn Program this summer since it’ll fit my overall lifestyle better than the longer strength-focused sessions I’ve been doing the past couple years.

My question is regarding warmups for the 4 lifts. I know we’re supposed to keep volume low with 3 work sets, the final being an all out effort. Is it okay to do a lighter set or two to “grease the groove”? I’m more concerned with isolation type lifts rather than the compounds - I think those always warrant a few warmup sets.

As always, thanks!

Are you saying that isolation exercises require more warm up???

When you say it like that… nah definitely not :sweat_smile:

I find sometimes I have a hard time feeling a muscle I’m targeting work. I think it’s because I’ve stuck to primarily the big compound movements until recently so my mind-muscle connection isn’t the greatest.

Do your warm-ups on isolation exercises with a “flex style” … slow movements (like 3 sec up and 3 sec down) focusing on flexing the muscle as hard as you can, not on moving the weight.

You can also try isodynamic contast: hold the weight at the point of greatest muscle tension for 15-20 seconds (flexing the muscle hard) THEN doing your reps


Thanks for that! I tried both methods at my last workout with good success. The “flex style” helped me fire up my tri’s and pecs really well.

I went with the isodynamic method for delts - I think they’re the group I have the most trouble with so as I built fatigue during the iso portion I was able to feel them much better.

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Glad to hear it!

As always, thanks a ton!

Not sure if this is better treated as a new question…

Hi Christian,

For the sake of being completely explicit, does the article spell out all the reps for each session–two “prep” sets, and an all-out set?

Does the article assume that we’re doing warm-up sets, as the OP here seems to indicate? If so, could you spell out your recommendations here, maybe especially for number of warm-up sets?

I’m going in for day 3 today, and I put in a few to a bunch warm up sets for some of the exercises (mostly the bigger ones), and days 1 and 2 took longer than I expected for workouts intended to be “short”, so I’m suspecting that I’m adding more warmup than you had in mind, if you were expecting any at all…

I mostly have experience so far with the StrongLifts and Starting Strength programs, and the latter has an app that recommends approximately 5 warmup sets for 3 working sets of squats, for instance.

=> Shadowhawk

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