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Best Damn vs. Neurotype Approach

Coach, just getting back to the gym after many years of being away and have enjoyed reading up on all the up-to-date information. Your columns have intrigued me a great deal and I really enjoy learning from you. I am older and a “nattie”, as you might call it, and am trying to figure out how to combine your neurotype and “best damn” workout philosophies for the very best muscle mass development.

Obviously with the ‘best damn’ approach frequency is king, but if I try to combine it with the neurotype approach, being somewhere in the 2b area, you state that the growth-factor-chest-training or shoulder training would be ideal types of training—of which I really enjoy these type of combination sets the most! These 2b recommendations seem to be a bit more high volume per muscle group than the ‘Best Damn’ approach so what do you recommend on this point—how do you combine the two philosophies, or do you?