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Best Damn Volume Ramping Or Straight Sets?


On the best damn volume plan, are we ramping the sets or warming up for work sets? If the latter, how many working sets?

Probably sounds like a dumb question but I normally train heavy, but low volume so have to ramp.

The number of working sets is listed in the article. Depending which block you’re in, you’ll be performing anywhere from 4-12 reps per set. Although not specifically stated, CT’s “preparatory sets” are probably recommended for warm-up purposes. The stronger you are, the more you’ll need but always suggested to keep it to a minimum.

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Thanks for the info man, really appreciate it.

I found an post about the best damn volume plan on Facebook after I posted this question and CT said this in the comments. So guessing I should just go light enough where I can stick to one weight? And then as I get towards the higher RPE blocks do the preparatory sets that you mentioned?

don’t think I would change the program—meaning I would follow the percentages of each block. As CT mentions, neural activation will help in the middle sets and extending rest periods, if needed, will allow you to get the repetitions in.
When I ran this version, I was able to complete the first block with only one preparatory set. I don’t remember how many were necessary for the final block but I don’t recall needing more than three but our strength numbers may be very different. Go by feel.

Ok man I’ll do that. Thanks for clearing that up for me.

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