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Best Damn Techniques


CT, your two articles on this program have been very informative. I’m sure you have other techniques you like to use in this manner.

So far we have:

Heavy Lifting: Clusters, double rest pause

Mtor: 6-8 reps with slow neg and stretch hold

Fiber Fatigue: 6-8-10 drop set, and Myo Reps

For those of us looking to continue on with this type of program do you have any other recommendations for new techniques in each category?

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I asked a similar question a few weeks ago with some excellent responses:


Double rest/pause
Partial overloads for 4-6 reps
Multi-rep clusters (3 reps/rest 15-20 sec/2 reps/rest 15-20 sec/1 rep)
Functional isometrics
Heavy set with isometric hold at the end (4-6 reps + 10-15 sec iso)


Loaded stretching for a total of 2-3 min
1 1/4 reps (1/4 rep being done in the stretched poition)
Loaded stretching at the end of a set (e.g. holding the stretched position of DB flies for 30-40 sec after having done 8-10 reps to failure)
2-1 reps (2 partial rep from the stretched position, 1 full rep, 2 partial, 1 full, etc. for 6-8 FULL reps)
Partial + full reps (8-10 partial reps in the stretched position + 8-10 full reps)
Full reps + partial reps (8-10 full reps + max partial reps in the stretched position)


Drop set
Double drop set
Mechanical drop set
Tempo contrast set (two very slow reps/two normal reps/two very slow/two normal)
Regressive range of motion (full reps to failure then continue on with partial movements to failure)
Speed variation set(start with superslow rep, 6040 tempo, when you get fatigued switch to slow eccentric + normal concentric; 3010, when you get fatigued switch to fast and even cheated reps)


Wow thanks CT, that should provide lots of options for a long time.


That would be excruciating. I don’t think I have the cojones for that!

EDIT: is that one set or do you break it up?


lol you break it up of course



Would you say it’s best to stick with a heavy lifting technique for 4-6 weeks before changing? Then for the MTOR stuff and fiber fatigue it’s kind of more open to switch out techniques more frequently?


It depends on your neurotype… 1A, 2B can use the same technique for 6, even 8 weeks. 1B and 2A might want to change every 3 weeks (maybe even every 2 weeks) and type 3 can stick with a technique for up to 12 weeks.


Yes. The frequency of variation for these methods depends on personal preferences because they work without having the burden of progressive overload, you could change these methods every week and provided that you go to failure, you will have similar results.


haha, thank god for that.

Coach, I suck at loaded stretches. I’ve tried doing them the way Dante recommends with big heavy weights and it always feels like it turns into more of an isometric hold in the stretched position, rather than a stretch.

Is the trick just to use lighter dumbbells? Doesn’t feel as manly that way…


Well, hum, that’s what it is and should feel like :slight_smile:


Gold nuggets in this thread.
Thanks CT and all.


Haha, well alright. I suppose I feel a bit likt I resist the weight too much, rather than letting it go deeper into the stretch.

Or maybe I’m just trying to think of reasons to pussy out because it really hurts…


Yeah, it is highly uncomfortable!!! But you got the right idea, it IS an isometric hold in the stretched position. And the weight should be heavy, if you can hold for more than 60 seconds it’s too light


CT, one more Q. The techniques above generally follow the guidelines of 2 hard sets of 6 and then one all out set using one of the above techniques, right?


If you are using the BDW approach, yes

Best Damn Workout Part 1 and 2, Periodization?

CT, for your photoshoot you said that you run best damn program. You are a type 2A and need to change work more often… what did you change will running best damn and your fat lost phase ?



When I’m under stress (hard dieting, stress of looking good) I take on Type 2B properties. When under a lot of stress your neurotype moves to the right. The reason is that serotonin becomes depleted which increases anxiety. The more anxiety you have, the less variation you want. So during the last 6 weeks prior to my photoshoot I didn’t want ANY changes in any part of my routine.