"Best Damn Technique"?

Hey CT,
There was a topic that was called Best Damn Technique a few weeks ago.
Not sure why but it got deleted.
Is it possible for you to remake it please?

It was basically other techniques that can be used for the Best Damn Workout Plan.

Including techniques for:
heavy lifting
Fiber Fatigue

Is it possible for you to also rate them from best to worst for muscle gain, strength gain and fat loss?

Thanks so much man for all your work man, I really enjoy reading your info.

I deleted it because someone posting in it was disrespectful to me.

I cannot repost it once it’s deleted.

It might be a bit drastic but maybe it will prevent cry babies who think every body owes them everything and complain when someone offers a free service does not treat them like they are a special snowflake.

I’m sad that some people will miss out because of the idiocy and direspect on one though.

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That’s ok, I understand.

I found some off it, not all of it, cached by Google. I could repost it, but that kind of negates the disciplinary measure. Would you prefer it if I don’t repost it?

You can repost only the techniques.


Okay, here’s what I got:

Mtor: 6-8 reps with slow neg and stretch hold

Loaded stretching for a total of 2-3 min
1 1/4 reps (1/4 rep being done in the stretched poition)
Loaded stretching at the end of a set (e.g. holding the stretched position of DB flies for 30-40 sec after having done 8-10 reps to failure)
2-1 reps (2 partial rep from the stretched position, 1 full rep, 2 partial, 1 full, etc. for 6-8 FULL reps)
Partial + full reps (8-10 partial reps in the stretched position + 8-10 full reps)
Full reps + partial reps (8-10 full reps + max partial reps in the stretched position)

Heavy Lifting: Clusters, double rest pause

Double rest/pause
Partial overloads for 4-6 reps
Multi-rep clusters (3 reps/rest 15-20 sec/2 reps/rest 15-20 sec/1 rep)
Functional isometrics
Heavy set with isometric hold at the end (4-6 reps + 10-15 sec iso)

Fiber Fatigue: 6-8-10 drop set, and Myo Reps

Drop set
Double drop set
Mechanical drop set
Tempo contrast set (two very slow reps/two normal reps/two very slow/two normal)
Regressive range of motion (full reps to failure then continue on with partial movements to failure)
Speed variation set(start with superslow rep, 6040 tempo, when you get fatigued switch to slow eccentric + normal concentric; 3010, when you get fatigued switch to fast and even cheated reps


Thanks so much @Voxel

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Mechanical drop sets can be applied to the heavy lifting as well since they can also be used as a rest/pause, correct?
@Voxel do you have preferred methods for each group for maximum muscle gain?

Mechanically drop sets are more about fiber fatigue


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I was thinking, is it possible to make a Myo mechanical drop set?
How would this look if yes?

Yes, for example, start with a narrow stance squat do 2-3 reps, move to a moderate width stance for 2-3 reps, move to a wide stance for 2-3 reps.

You could do the same with a movement like a dumbbell press moving close>wide or with a technique similar to this video. CREDIT: Joel Seedman

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Thanks so much.