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Best Damn Supplement Regimen for Natural Lifters


I see tons of stuff about different supplements all over, but I’m looking for your take on how to properly supplement when following the Best Damn Diet and working through the Best Damn Workouts.

I’m about to finish a 12 week fat loss phase where I’ve followed Best Damn Workout 1 and lost 30 lbs to date (from 230/24% to 200/12%), while building neurological efficiencies and increasing the weights on all my main lifts (Work sets: Deadlift - 305, Squat - 295, Bench - 240, Press 125).

I’m ready to switch gears and start building mass, but I want to maximize my results between Best Damn Workout 2, and the Best Damn Diet by adding in the right supplements at the right times.

I have just over 38 weeks until I redeploy, so I figure I can make a round of Best Damn 2, and Best Damn Strength before cutting any extra fluff out and getting super lean (8-10%) before I get home.

Any advice is very much appreciated!

Generally speaking, the best supplements are individual depending on what you are or aren’t getting from your diet.

For example:
If you don’t eat much fatty fish: fish oil
Fruits and veggies: green supplement
Meat and dairy: protein
Sunlight: D3
Poor sleep quality: ZMA
Inflammation/joint pain: curcumin

This pretty much covers your basics for health. Obviously the goal is to get them with out supplementation if you can. After that you can look into performance supplements and see what works for you.

Here is a non-exhaustive list of some proven ones:
Workout drinks with protein and carbs (plasma)

The important thing with these is to only add one at a time to see if it works. If you add them all at once and see improvement you won’t know what works for you and end up buying shit you don’t need.

I hope the helps and I’m interested to see Mr Thibaudeau’s recommendations myself

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So, I’m currently deployed to Afghanistan, and while a buffet menu is available, to make my macros easy to manage, I stick to baked chicken breast, brown rice, and mixed nuts. It’s boring, but I actually like that stuff, so it works.

My current supplements are as follows:

Preworkout (I hate generally hate packaged pre-workouts, but its the only thing available here that has beta-alanine, citrulline, and BCAAs)

Whey (1 scoop post-workout)

Casein (1/2 scoop post-workout, 2 scoops at bed)

Glutamine (1000mg pre-workout)

Creatine (5g post-workout)

Flameout (at bed)

ZMA (at bed)

My sleep has improved with the ZMAs, and I can train hard 7 days a week with Flameout. The protein has really helped me curb cravings during the fat loss phase.

I’m thinking about switching out my proteins and pre-workout for Plazma and Mag-10 when I start building mass, but I’m not sure the best times to take it (besides peri-workout).

Currently, I eat breakfast at 0830, lunch at 1100, lift at 1300-1400, dinner at 1700, and bedtime shake between 2000-2100 with bedtime at 2200 depending on what we have going on over here.

I know I’m missing key nutrients because of the blandness of my diet, and I’m sure I could be more efficient with my use of the other supplements. I’m just not sure what makes sense for me, or other natural lifters.


This sounds very considering what’s available to you. You’re never wrong eating more vegetables. A,d really I wouldn’t use Plazma or Mag-10 at another time than peri workout