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Best Damn / Superhero Amalgam


I know, I know. Don’t mess with the programs how they’re laid out. But, given that the Best Damn is more a philosophy rather than a program for a set length or for specific gains, I was wondering the thoughts of substituting 2 days of the Super Hero into the Best Damn schedule. Why? Because the Super Hero is fun to do, and gives more of metabolic/cross training feel my exercise regime.

I’ve been training consistently for 15+ years, and not necessarily looking for set length programs at this time. I’ve just begun this (following the protocol given in each program):

Sat: Super Hero D1: Shoulder complex + Squat complex (as CT lays out)
Sun: Super Hero D2: DL complex + Bench complex (as CT lays out)
Monday: off
Tuesday: Best Damn B2: Leg ext., cable crossover, DB shoulder press, weighted dips
Wednesday: Best Damn A2: Hamstring curl, DB Pullover, CS row, Preacher curl
Thursday: Best Damn B3: Leg press, DB incline BP, DB front raise, Tri ext.
Friday: Best Damn A3: GHR, weighted pull ups, cable row, DB hammer curls

Is there a negative to training like this? If needed on busy weeks or just when I feel it’s necessary physically, I drop a Best Damn push day like B3, followed by a Best Damn pull day, like A2. Thanks for any feedback.


No it’s a philosophy about TRAINING VOLUME. Superhero is high volume, you can’t add the ?
“best damn” program to it.

The way you lay it out is the “least stupid” way of doing it. And it might work in the short term (6 weeks).


Glad to hear it’s the “least stupid” way to combine them:grinning:). I understand your point and appreciate the response. I’ll keep it in mind that this approach would be more short term.

The Super Hero is a fun workout that I’d like to keep in my training, but for logistical purposes I can only do it at the gym I use on the weekends. Is there a better intra-week training scheme I could use that would be a better compliment?

Thanks to all for any suggestions.


No, if you are to use a different training during the week, “The best damn…” approach is the best one since its low volume