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Best Damn Strength: When/How To Deload?

I’ve been on the Best Damn Strength plan for 10 weeks now. First many, thanks. I’ve seen great gains unlike ever before in my life. My questions are:

When/How should I deload? I’m type 1a w/ some 1b and some type 2 traits even. I’ve got some injuries (rotator cuff tear, labram tear in opposite shoulder and I’m concerned I’ve got a tear in my forearm area, maybe even a torn bicep tendon). I had symptoms consistent with a minor bicep tendon tear or tendinitis before starting this program, but after a round of heavy zercher squats, that arm developed a bruise and now a small lump where the bruise was. I switched to front squats for the last week since this happened. I’m having some mild forearm pain in that arm and both my elbows are starting to feel strained. Ii’m not sure if that’s because my front rack position is being strained since I haven’t used it for so long or if its just time to deload. Should I deload and if so how?

Is this program a good fit for type 1a?

Is build for battle a good fit for type 1a?

What’s a good standard period of time and approach to deload on these programs?

Well for me the Best Damn, is my deload/low stress go to program sooo…

If your elbows hurt you during your front squat is that you are doing it wrong, and most likely the bar isn’t resting on your clavicles/front shoulder shelf, but the weight is on your arms

It sounds like your body is ready for it. You could cut down to just 3-4 days for a week, remove the intensity techniques, and reduce loading slightly.

Correct. Although you don’t need to do all these things. If you reduce frequency and take out the intensity techniques you don’t need to lighten the load.

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