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Best Damn Strength Schedule and Rest Pause

Coach, I have 2 questions if you have time to amswer I would appreciate it.

  1. Is there anyway I could implement the best damn strength program over a 4 day per week schedule without just rotating through the days but focusing on the 4 main lifts 1 day each week?

Monday- bench press day
Tuesday- squat day
Thursday- overhead press day
Saturday- deadlift day

I really like the progression setup on the main lifts (1 all out set) and assistance lifts (4-6 reps rest pause) and would like to keep doing that.

  1. Do you still like rest pause on isolation lifts for muscle growth or do you gravitate more towards Mtor and Myo reps now?

Thank you for your time.

Sure. It’s something that I did myself when my kid was born. I did exactly what you mentonned BUT I did a pulling exercise at every workout.

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I have started using a lot of 10-6-10 after reading Paul’s article on it.

How many sets per exercise would you recommend for the 10 6 10? Thank you for the response

And if you have time could you give an example on how u set up those days as far as assistance and things like that?

I came up with this for my 4 day workout based off of your best damn strength plan, if you have time could you let me know if this set up looks Ok. Thank you

Bench press- Best damn strength progression
Close Grip Floor Press- 4-6 reps rest pause
Dips-3x6-8 Mtor set
Chins-4-6 reps rest pause
Incline Curls- 6-8 reps Mtor set

Squat- Best damn strength Progression
Zercher Squat-4-6 reps rest pause
Rdl-3x6-8 double progression
Reverse lunge-3x6-8

Press- Best damn strength progression
High Incline press- 4-6 reps rest pause
lateral raise- 6-8 reps Myo set
Tricep extensions- 6-8 reps rest pause
Pushdowns- 6-8 reps rest pause

Deadlift- best damn progression 5x2
Pendlay row-4-6 reps rest pause
Chinese row- 6-8 Myo set
Shrugs- 6-8 reps Myo set

Thanks for your time

The only day I don’t really like is Tuesday. I feel like it will be very hard on the lower back.

Ok I’ll substitute the RDL with a hamstring isolation exercise. Thank you